Seven girls completed this year's "Girls' Day" at Dr. Schneider

The fact that young women can also make a career in industrial-technical professions has long been beyond question at Dr. Schneider. In the 19 apprenticeship occupations, there are women in every year group who have an affinity for technology and have, for example, discovered process mechanics for plastics and rubber technology for themselves. To ensure that this remains the case, the Dr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe once again provides new incentives for the next generation of female skilled workers with its annual participation in Girls' Day at the end of April! This time, seven girls got a practical insight into the occupational fields of metal technology, electrical engineering, technical product design and process mechanics. The participants were allowed to try their hand at working on an aluminium base: They had to file, drill and cut a thread into which a stainless steel rose had to be inserted at the end. The handicraft they had made themselves could be taken home as a small souvenir. A short tour of the factory rounded off the varied practical day.  

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