haptic experience

Focus on Excellence

Surface technology 

Simple elegance, clear lines and innovative operation.

The first-class surfaces of our interiors systems are not just the finishing touch to our products, which are all manufactured to high perfection, but also convince with their interactive control panels and multi-media interfaces. Electronics, sensors and touch technologies are making a big entrance into the interiors of cars.

Intuitively controlled membrane keyboards, displays and sliders communicate with their users. As far as looks are concerned, our surface technologies play with textures, materials and patterns and with impressive effects made possible by grain or laser engraving. Inspired by Mother Nature, we use organic shapes, earthy colors and materials, such as stone, slate and glass but also carbon, wood and textiles and bring them to perfection with highly-complex technologies. Sustainable biopolymers are as much part of future options as the chameleon-like changes that are possible thanks to morphing technology.

Concepts like Blackline or Chromeline come across as clean and purist; a seamless design creates a clear aesthetic without any compromises; transparency brings about spatial depth and light shows dazzle the eye.   

Our developers work with great passion and care on our trend-setting surface technologies. The result: elegance, clear structures, beauty and a high level of functionality. Surfaces become a haptic experience - self-cleaning and scratch-proof.

The Dr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe stands for quality at the highest level. Our products and surfaces convince with their excellent craftsmanship and are the finishing touch of perfection for the exclusive interior design of upscale cars. Functionality, design and touch in perfect harmony. 


Optical highlights.

Unpretentious and stylish: A light hint of real chrome or chrome replacement paint and fine chrome-colored hot stamped lines in the interior create a pleasing aesthetic and high-value. The components of our Chromeline with their clean and purist design add to the elegant appearance of every car. 



Elegance in perfection.

Black high-gloss components and piano-black parts turn every interior into an eye catcher. Be it a substrate, off-tool and made from polished injection moldings, or through scratch-proof UV paint or even film/foil technology.  

Surfaces and decors 

Surface technology at top quality.

We create high-quality, functional and decorative design surfaces with top-notch finishing technologies. Dr. Schneider offers a versatile and innovative portfolio ranging from laser etching and laser marking to (3D) hot stamping. 

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