The Dr. Schneider World- Our Tradition

High-Tech company with a family tradition

95 years of courage, community and foresight.

The Dr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe takes pride in its tradition of many decades. Since the 1927, the year the company was founded, there have been visionary pioneers, revolutionary developments and a permanent "Focus on Excellence" running like a golden thread through the company's success story. Despite this unique development, the Group has always been true to itself: A family company bound by values that has always been aware of its responsibility for its employees, the region, the environment and society as a whole. 

The entrepreneur and the family business

Family-owned company in the third generation.

1990 marked the year when the third generation of Schneiders joined the company. In 2001, the two grandchildren of the company's founding father took over the wheel at the helm. No matter how much the company has transformed into an international high-tech corporation over the last 90 years, the essential values of the family company has not changed a bit since its inception. Quite the contrary: living the "WE" in all our actions here at Dr. Schneider is as much a obvious success factor now as it was then and is the soul of the entire company culture.

The Dr. Schneider company family. 

Several generations from one family is not only a phenomenon at the executive level of the Dr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe. It is a kind of a family tradition with many of our employees. Fathers and sons, uncles and nephews or mothers and daughters virtually work side by side and in the truest sense of the word create a big company of families.

Loyalty to the region

Global Player with a heart for its home.

In particular the close emotional bond with our main plant Kronach-Neuses in the natural wildlife park Frankenwald is an important part of our corporate philosophy. Our deep roots here give us the solid foundation we need to grow internationally. We are aware of our responsibility for our home, our region. This is why we sustainably support many different projects for the regions where we live and work.   


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