Die Dr. Schneider Welt- bei Dr. Schneider


We shape the future with our vision.

At Dr. Schneider we love what we do. With enthusiasm and commitment we dedicate all our energy and knowledge to our tasks. Every day we strive to find innovative solutions and work together on the future of the automotive  industry. We are a strong team that sticks together and is there for one another. And we value communicating openly and with respect.


We are personally involved, we are responsibly committed and we act in a goal- and result-oriented manner. As an internationally successful family business, we have committed ourselves to these common values. Our goal is to make the car the best place in the world - and we work towards this goal every day. With passion, aesthetics and value, we design products for the mobility of the future.

Our corporate culture is characterized by responsibility for our employees, the region, the environment and society as well as openness and transparency. The greatest asset of our dynamic and globally active company is our enthusiastic and loyal employees, who have the unconditional will to achieve the highest level of excellence. All over the world, our employees stand for quality, reliability and perfection. Loyal and enthusiastic, we have a culture of innovation and change and look forward to the challenges of the future.


Dr. Schneider employees benefit financially with innovative suggestions.

At Dr. Schneider your suggestions are very important because they can improve product quality, make the job easier, make the job safer, remove job constraints, save time and cost, and others.

Your input is valuable to us and we would like to thank you for your initiative, so we have established a Suggestion Rewards Program.

The reward depends on the measurable impact of your suggestion, taking into account the necessary investments, depreciations and employee wage. If the benefits and return are easy to calculate, the reward can be up to 15 percent  of the calculated saving, but cannot exceed $10,000.00. If the benefits or the return from the suggestion have no definable or calculable savings, benefits may still be perceived. And you may still receive smaller financial or gift rewards.


    Your career opportunitiesMake the car the best place in the world with us and become part of our team!


    Only with our employees can we create something new. We are proud of each and every one of you.

  • Our Guiding Principle

    We stand for innovative products, superior quality, dependability and a sense of responsibility.

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