Our production

From high-class to high volume.

Our entire production adheres to one clear principle: premium in performance and quality. This includes the latest production methods and technologies, absolutely stable and reproducible processes as well as well-coordinated cooperation with our customers.

A meticulously planned just-in-time process is as much an element of our performance portfolio as just-in-sequence orders. We integrate ourselves seamlessly into the manufacturing process of the car industry. We not only run high-volume productions but also produce small-series in the premium segment or even to individual customer's specifications.

Competence Center

Competence in manufacturing.

The Dr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe comprehensive production portfolio encompasses the three manufacturing areas: injection molding, paint application and assembly. Our production philosophy provides for a competence center strategy. This is why our production sites in the Plant Association Germany/Poland has specialized focus areas. Thanks to networking, these sites can represent an entire value-creation chain and thus a closed supply chain.

Our head plant in Kronach-Neuses is a competence center for large machines in the area of injection molding as well as assembly and surface paint application for large-volume components. Injection molding there is focused on technically very demanding parts as well as parts with a high degree of automation. The industrialization of new projects takes place in Neuses as well. The Tschirn site in the northern county of Kronach is home to our competence center and control station for automated and 3D paint jobs. Tschirn also houses the central spare parts service for the German plants. Our plant in Judenbach in the state of Thuringia made itself a name as a competence center and control station for multiple-component injection molding (2K, 3K and 4K) and also as a specialist for components with sophisticated surface requirements e.g. black high gloss. The Polish site Radomierz is competence center and control station for staff-intensive assembly. Due to their geographical location, our international plants in Spain, China and the USA have their own closed value-creation chains in their own plants and supply customers in their respective regions.

All seven production sites for the Dr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe share a strong bond, since global collaboration is very important to us. A regular exchange programs of ideas is a big help in driving our technologies even further – world-wide. Technical standards too, e.g. for industrial production supplies and utilities, apply to all our plants all over the world. Specialization and standardization go hand in hand here!

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Production and logistics

From Just-in-Time to Just-in-Sequence.

  • Injection molding, paint application and assembly – our production portfolio.

    Manufacturing competence.

  • Production and logistics
    are in lock-step
    at Dr. Schneider.

    Perfectly networked.

  • Our logistics department ensures smooth processes.

    Perfect timing.

Not only the individual sites of the Dr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe are linked closely but also our production and logistics. Our "Focus on Excellence" guarantees smooth and perfectly timed processes, since a well-organized production and a functioning logistics process are fundametal to the profitability of a company. This is why our performance portfolio stands out with its transparent work flow, optimal utilization of all facilities and a perfectly coordinated shipping system with quick throughput-times.

The meshing of production and logistics allows economical and time-efficient use of all production factors as "Lean Management" demands – i.e. optimum of productivity, the highest quality and greatest flexibility. The globally implementable production and logistics system DS PULS, our dynamic truck guiding system DLLS and our paperless manufacturing all make their contributions to success.


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Second design award for exhibit of the Dr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe

"Textile lightweight console" honoured at the European Product Design Award

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  • Research
    and development

    Visions for a mobile world of the futureFrom trend scouting to market readiness: We develop innovative components for the automotive future.

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  • Technologies

    Focus on Excellence: Uncompromising quality.Our latest methods and technologies ensure smoothly running processes.

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  • Cooperation

    Success through networkingWe have the experience and the conviction of a full-service supplier.

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