Climate for future

Focus on Excellence


From Interior space to living space.

Experience the comfort of air-conditioning with all your senses: As a global market leader for innovative air ventilation systems, we make sure you always have the perfect temperature thanks to our technologically sophisticated air vents. 

Our newly developed AC components demonstrate how compact, smart and practical our concepts are for the car as a living space. Next to the classic functions, such as heating and cooling, we also put comfort and feeling good at the center of our ventilation systems. This not only includes air-conditioning but also the cleaning of the air and the creation of a feel-good atmosphere by adding pleasant scents. We blend groundbreaking ventilation systems with timeless elegance and ideas for the future – and that means: "Focus on Excellence" in all areas.

Some examples of our cutting-edge Climate+ components are: Hidden air vents that skillfully cover air deflector elements with stylish grilles not unlike radiator grilles. We also offer slim line air vents that are low-key and slender, blending perfectly and inconspicuously into any design or new ventilation surfaces that we integrate into pillars, seats or the roof.


Grille-free and hidden air vents, gap ventilation, flexible grille blades, new ventilation surfaces, cluster air vents, clean air vents and feel-good comfort air vents.

Timeless elegance meets highly complex technology, perfect functions surrounded by modern design – Dr. Schneider products give automotive interiors that special something. As world market leader for innovative ventilation systems, we help make climate control something that can be experienced with all the senses – and in doing so, make the car the best place in the world.

Air in motion: a thermal experience 

Perfect climate. Always. 

Flexibility and versatility are the main focus of our climate system Climate+. That makes us ready for the future of mobility: from the mobile office to the digital adventure room to an oasis of relaxation.  

Animated satellite air vents work multi-directionally and appear only "on demand". Blade-free vents are controlled by sensors and are unobtrusively integrated in the dashboard as a spot or broadband vent. Various types of climate options – e.g. a refreshing ocean breeze – ensure air movement and guarantee a pleasant air ventilation feeling that can be adapted to your every personal preference.

Further highlights are the hidden integrated air vents, slot ventilation, adjustable blades, low-noise whispering vents, clean air vents with integrated air cleaning and feel-good vents which add scents to ionized air. Depending on your preference –he climate modules can be controlled by way of a touch panel, gesture control, via camera or remotely. Ambient light strips lend the perfect finishing touch.  

No doubt about it, all of this results in a very unique climate portfolio. Every component can be translated into every form factor or style. Low-key design in perfect harmony with the clean aesthetics of  modern car interiors.

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