The future of the car interior

We develop smart technologies for a premium driving experience.

More individual, exclusive and smarter: The automotive world is changing rapidly. Dr. Schneider is creating the necessary systems for the car interior that invite you on an exciting trip, spoil your senses and give effective assistance to the driver. Mobility was never more fun and so relaxing.  

Our ambition is to combine innovative and new production methods with high-quality surface technologies and intelligent functions to help actively shape the car interior of tomorrow. With our interior systems, Climate+ concepts and surface technologies and inspired by the idea of "mobility of the senses", we are turning the functional car interior into an individual, harmoniously fine-tuned living space. And in doing so, we make the car the best place in the world.  

The car as a living space

Interior of the latest generation of Dr. Schneider.

The car of the future offers drivers and passengers a freedom never known before. Autonomous driving dissolves the classic car interior and poses completely changed challenges to the car's interior. A new definition of interior architecture and a new design for the car's ambience. An interior architecture that starts from scratch, a transition from a simple mode of transportation to a generous multi-functional space. 

Thanks to our intelligent products, the car can be used in the many ways travelers envision. The time on the road takes on a completely new quality – a new automotive feeling is born. Relax, be creative, work with focus – be multi-functional instead of being just functional! 

Our ingeniously inventive systems, concepts and technologies open up new dimensions in the communication and interaction with the car. Form, function and surface blend. Man and technology, interior and exterior become a unit. We rely on highly complex, adaptive systems that can be used intuitively and that are in part invisibly integrated in the surfaces. 

Innovative technology and ambitious aesthetics, an ambience of comfort and high degree of usability. The trend is moving towards reduced but exclusive high-quality equipment. 

With our trendsetting developments in lights, sensors, kinematics and smart technology, we meet the requirements placed on us by utilizing a solution-oriented and strongly implementation-driven approach.

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